Inositol Benefits: Unlocking the Power of Vitamin B-8 Carbohydrate

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Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, Ny) on 09/25/2013

Inositol helps with seratonin. In some cases, low levels of inositol can cause constipation.

Israeli research found it as effective as prozac or luvox for some problems, such as OCD.

Dr. Mendel Fux (Israeli researcher) uses up to 18 grams - 6 teaspoons of the powder daily. (can be bought at a reasonable price on Amazon. ) Some people are helped with as little as 2 grams (less than a teaspoon a day.)

It can take, for many people, up to six weeks or more to see benefits.


Inositol helps with depression, anxiety, ocd, trichotillomania, fatty liver, pcos, metabolic syndrome.

It is being studied also for bipolar, neuropathy, attention deficit disorder, adhd, alzheimers, resperatory problems in babies, and more.

Experimentally, inositol dosages of up to 18 g daily have been tried for various conditions.

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One can try using it with some Vitamin C powder.

It might be better to start slowly and build up gradually.