Evening Primrose Oil Cures

Posted by Bob A (Mcdonough, Ga, Usa) on 02/24/2013
5 out of 5 stars

For 6+ years I took EVENING PRIMROSE OIL in higher dosages as my ONLY neuropathy treatment. I took 4 to 8 1,300mg capsules daily, with NO adverse effects except an occasional oily "burp". Recent doctor visits assured me that Neurontin (gabapentin) would work better. In fact, it improved the neuropathy only slightly, but it caused me inner-ear dizziness that made me fall constantly. I now take very little neurotin (600mg daily) and take 4 1,300mg capsules of EPO.

When first starting EPO, it takes a week before the EPO starts soothing the nerves. It acts somewhat like fish oil without the stink.

EPO was once considered to be the Royal Herb in Elizabethan times, and was used for many ailments. EPO will make one feel better in general.