Enzyme Therapy

Enzymes for Arthritis
Posted by Soleil (Atlanta, Georgia) on 11/28/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My belief about most health issues, that most of us have, is that it stems from our guts. Whether it is arthritis, leaky gut, or any other ailment. If we fix our guts, we fix most of our health problems. For years I've suffered with diarrhea and just came to accept that I had a stomach issue. When you have diarrhea all the time, your body isn't absorbing any nutrients or minerals it needs for your whole health. This being the case, your body will react by giving you certain symptoms.

When we try to discover what causes our symptoms, we read and read and read about what may cause each specific one. We then take supplements to rid us of a specific symptom, while not understanding the overall cause of a specific symptom. In my case, I developed arthritis in both knees and am fatigued much of the time. My knees hurt so badly I couldn't fall asleep at night. I tried many different products, all natural, (Zyflamend, ginger extract, Instaflex etc.) to no avail. I'm a flight attendant so it's very difficult to think of mixing Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda at work, when there is no time to even eat!

I recently discovered something called "Repair Gold" by Enzymedica (the enzyme experts). Most of the ingredients are enzymes, no MSM, etc. It contains bromelain, protease, amylase, catalase, papain, serratiopeptidase and lipase. I've been able to sleep the last 4 nights and haven't had the usual bouts of diarrhea. It makes me wonder how many others have arthritis and diarrhea. I believe my arthritis stemmed from my malabsorption of nutrients and minerals from the food I eat, thereby causing deficiencies and bone loss, etc. I would never have connected the two. I encourage many of you to continue to research and read as much as you can, and to look way beyond a specific symptom. Wishing you good health and discoveries in nature.