Alpha-Lipoic Acid Benefits, Uses and Dosages

Pre-Diabetes, Neuropathy
Posted by Robert S. (U.S.A.) on 10/27/2020
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I did take ALA awhile ago but it did not do much for me. I had Pre Diabetes, Neuropathy, etc. but I found relief in other supplements. Dessicated Liver is very good for a variety of things, you get a lot of nutrition from it you won`t get elsewhere.

For the Pre diabetes, I like a strong Black seed oil, which helps with Nephropathy also.

Diet is the main thing, keep carbs as low as possible, under 10, per meal, for the heart and blood use 1-2 tbs of Real 100% virgin Olive Oil with 100% virgin Coconut Oil & fish oil omega 3-7-9 No 6 it`s a inflammatory and no seed oils.

Cod liver oil is best either liquid or capsul, krill oil is also good. My favorite for the Heart and Blood - Cod liver oil + Olive Oil + Coconut Oil + Garlic oil capsule...From a MD I went to for a Epidermal, he asked me if I was taking any blood thinners as when he stuck me with the needle I bled professedly he started to get a bit nervous as it was shooting out all over the floor and the gown I had on.

MD stated the next time don`t use them for at least a week before you come in again as I was bleeding too much.

Nose bleeds are very common with this protocol, I have had one for the past 2-3-years off and on. This is all backed by science, you can go to and get all the info you want both for free and paid with more features and member funded so no conflicts of interest, all taken from PubMed and all references provided.