Alpha-Lipoic Acid Benefits, Uses and Dosages

Powerful Heavy Metal Chelator
Posted by Steeve J. (Catania (Sicily)) on 10/28/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Everybody willing to take R-ALA should be aware that it is a really powerful HV chelator and therefore could trigger some very weird reactions into your system ...

So it is really important to start with slow doses (under 100mg = 50mg) and to leave a couple of days in between each take in order for the body to eliminate toxic compounds such as Heavy Metals.

In addition, taking OptiMSM & Camu-Camu (natural occuring high dose Vit. C small berries from Amazonia) + some Chlorella will improve this chelation process ...It is the so called well renowned Dr. Klinghardt HV Chelation Protocol ...make your own research before starting this!!!!