Alpha-Lipoic Acid Benefits, Uses and Dosages

Gum Abscess
Posted by Carlton (London, UK) on 02/13/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I had a very painful abscess on my gum recently and started taking alpha lipoic acid (2 x 300mg capsules morning and night, so a total of 4 capsules a day) until I was sure the abscess had gone and I was pain-free. I took the capsules for about 8 days and stopped taking them about 5 days ago.

Since then I have noticed that when I wake in the morning and for at least the entire morning I feel very light-headed and almost as if the top part of my body is very slightly leaning to one side. This wears off as the day goes on and by mid afternoon I feel back to my normal self.

Have I done myself harm taking the alpha lipoic acid and what can I take to rectify this? Thank you.