Alpha-Lipoic Acid Benefits, Uses and Dosages

Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 10/27/2020
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Your email on ALA

HI U D,,,, ORH here, and I too have been down this trail because of my diabetes. I also have peripheral neuropathy and take R-Lipoic Acid as a supplement along with ALA as an IV. I just had my Dr order me 4 IV's worth. Few people know how this helps.

The doctor that tested me said that sometime in my youth I had a severe back injury because my feet don't talk to my brain to keep me in balance. Thus, I suffer from falls. I don't have the leg pain yet. I met a woman that was in bad shape because of Hepatitis C. That really messes up your nerves. She taught me a l lot. Quality is bettern than quantity, according to her. This same practitioner has avoided many diabetics from losing a leg because of ulcers due to poor circulation. He gave them a few HYDROGEN PEROXIDE IV'S and their ulcers healed.

This is the same QUACK that gave me 100 EDTA Chelations and my blood vessels have no plaque. I have told you people to follow me over the years and see what happens. At 84, I am still raising a garden. Yep, I do need a heavy lifter. Our project today was to cut bamboo so he can drive it into the lake in front of our dock to bring in the fish. I cheats and you will too when there is no food to be had in the coming days. Hey, we so concerned..... that we spilling our apples to draw in the deer in front of our lake cabin. Stores empty?,,,,,,,, not a problem, as we will eat fish and venison and from our garden. So my admonition to all you OLE PATOOTS is to BE PREPARED. ====ORH====