Umeboshi Cures

Reader Feedback
Posted by Christy (France) on 02/17/2009

On my continuous quest for the right alkaline acid balance I chanced upon Umenoshi, although I didn't know how to pronounce it I bought it. I must admit it stayed in the cupboard for a while before becoming one of those products I uses everyday. I just wasn't sure. The label said Umeboshi seasoning and I was looking for Umeboshi vinegar. It wasn't till a few months ago that I went into another organic food shop and found the Umeboshi Vinegar. In small leters underneath it was writen Umeboshi seasoning. I bought it tasted it and now I have two bottles of the same thing.

I use it almost everyday in my vegetable smoothie. I just tip out an unmeasured amount. Enough to taste. I couldn't imagine drinking my vegetable blends without it! I love the taste and the fact that it is alkalizing me.

Totally recommend it!

Reader Feedback
Posted by Rick (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) on 02/15/2009

Umeboshi 1000 years of healing: There are texts relating the medicinal uses of these pickled plums that date to over 1000 yrs. ago. It neutralizes fatique and detoxes the body.

If you can find dried plum ( ume) extract, that is even better. These plums have been used for years for healing and to enhance health. Many japanese take a pickled plum with some tea to start their day. When available, Japanese samurai treasured it and consumed it daily also using it to purify water.

I use less than one eighth of a tsp. of the paste ( which I can find in health food stores and, wow, I have even seen it in some food markets) to enhance my morning tea.

It has an agressive flavor. It can jolt your eyes open so please be careful and dilute it before tasting it. It tastes acidic, tart, but it alkalizes the body.