Swedish Bitters Remedies

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (Pid)
Posted by Viv (Mnl, Philippines) on 02/21/2013
4 out of 5 stars

I was actually looking for an herbal remedy for my pid and I landed on this site, I read about swedish bitters so I tried it since I'm scared of taking antibiotics often coz I just took a course of antibiotics for my pid just a month ago. My entire reproductive organs are painful. Ive been taking a lot of vit c's and probiotics, include zinc and antioxidant juices. I got tired of taking all of them because pain persists. I tried swedish bitters though expensive in our place. After taking a teaspoon of it. I felt relieved after an hour. I'm taking it for already 5days now, pain has subsided. I just don't know if it will come back if I stopped taking it. I hope not. And I just dont know if it will totally eradicate my pid but im gonna have my test to c if I still have infection. Thanks earth clinic and to the people who have contributed their knowledge and what they know because they don't know how they have helped many people including me who is so thankful.