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Sunflower Oil Health Benefits

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Posted by Rose (Austin, TX) on 07/31/2009
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My mother tried op about two weeks ago using sunflower oil. She has had health problems for many years. She experienced a side effect. Her mouth became extremly dry, I mean no saliva in her mouth. She also had problems with abnormal heart beats. She now has to take B12 shots. And is taking pills for her heart. Did anyone else have this experience.

Replied by Nicola
(London, Uk)

For 15 months I've been pulling oil (sunflower, sesame, hemp, rapeseed) most mornings when I wake up. I am really pleased with all of the phlegm that it pulls up and the condition of my skin and teeth. Occasionally my mouth becomes very dry, at which point I spit out the oil, rinse, and drink warm water. I attribute the dry days to being dehydrated. Try drinking a good amount of water before bed.

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by Patricia (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) on 07/30/2009
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I use sunflower oil to do the OP. What I hope for is a healthy mouth and solid teeth. I am 77 years old. I haven't had trouble with rocking molars since I started OP. The best success I've had is regular bowel movements, at times more than once or twice a day.

Replied by Scott
(Baltimore, Md)

This poster mentions bowel movements and I also noticed that once I started Oil pulling that by bowel movements were much more regular and solid. In fact they look just about the same and happen at about the same time every day. I wondered if this could be because of the water that goes along with the oil pull. For almost 2 years I have been brushing my teeth in the morning, then oil pulling with 1 tablespoon of sun flower oil for at least 20 minutes, then rinsing, then brushing my teeth again, then rinsing, and finally drinking 3 pint glasses of water. I have always been very healthy and I only did this to prevent cavities.

Replied by Tamara
(Fort Collins, Colorado)
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Oil pulling has been amazing! I OP with coconut oil and sesame oil (alternatively) and noticed that my oral health improved immediately--I mean, right after the first OP session. I've only been doing it for two weeks but I love it. For the last few months, ever since I got the flu, I haven't had a solid BM, until... oil pulling. I didn't put it together until just now when I read the post from Scott. Aha! Thanks again, EC!

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by SophieNam (Geneva, Switzerland) on 07/29/2009
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I have to be honest I thought there was no way something like this could work. I was definately skeptical but to be honest my health has been so poor the last few years I had nothing to lose. It works. I am on day three of oil pulling with 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil and already there is a marked difference in my health. I have been having two get up at least twice per night to go to the bathroom for over ten years, these last two nights I've slept right through and I don't even have any urgency to go when I get up these last few days. Although I do have to say I do have enormous bags under my eyes that I don't usually have.. that seems to be odd seeing as I'm sleeping a million times better but I'm going to keep going and see how things pan out. I'll update and let you know if there are any other improvements as I suffer from chronic candida also and am hoping this will help it. thanks for this website.. it's great!

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by feeling.better (Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA) on 07/24/2009
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I also wanted to comment on oil pulling. I also started oil pulling just over 2 weeks ago, for 20 minutes every morning with sunflower oil. I started doing it because my teeth have been terribly sensitive lately. I've had problems with them being sensitive for about a year now. Special toothpastes helped at first, but only for a couple months. My teeth were getting progressively worse all the time. Whenever I ate or drank anything they'd start to throb, even if the temperature of the food or drink wasn't hot or cold. 3 weeks ago I was about at my breaking point. I was at school and my teeth were throbbing so bad I was in tears. The next morning or the morning after I started oil pulling. I noticed a difference within two days, and within 3 days my tooth sensitivity was 100% gone! Not only that, my teeth feel stronger that they've felt for about 3 years. I'm only 23 years old, but I've always felt like my teeth have been weak, and I've always had cavities. They feel strong and healthy now, and I can eat any cold or hot food without any sensitivity now! This is amazing! I'm so thankful that I found this website and I'm looking forward to seeing more positive, possibly unexpected results with the oil pulling in the future! I would advise anyone with issues in their mouth to start oil pulling asap! It works!

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by SKUMAR (Hyderabd, India) on 07/14/2009
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I am suffering from motor neuron disease (spinal muscular atrophy) from the last 10 years. I am 34 years old now. I have started Oil Pulling (Sunflower oil) 2 months back, but my condition is deteriorating much faster after I started using Oil Pulling. Some one told me if your condition is deteriorating and getting worse then actually it is healing. If this is true then when will it start improving?

No idea, not sure what to do?
Please advice.

Replied by Elena
(Nyc, Ny)

Hi, I've had experience when it got worse before it got better in the past (not oil pulling- something else).

I started oil pulling 5 days ago (was able to do only 5 min in a morning first 4 days and today I did 10 min in a morning and 20 min in the afternoon)

I got a sore in my mouth the 3rd day of pulling and my gland is swollen and I feel very tired and flu like symptoms. I read here that it means that the body is detoxing and I'm gonna stick with it for a little while and see what happens.

In your case I would do more research and see if someone with the same condition tried OP and how it went.

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by splatt07 (Denver, Co) on 07/13/2009
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I began oil pulling about a week ago. I also began a general detox at the same time using 2 TBS of APC and 1/4 tsp. of baking soda in 1/2 glass of spring water. I am using organic sunflower oil for the OP. I first noticed that my constant allergys and sinus problems abated almost immediately, also my osteo arthritis is much better. Oh, by the way, my cracked heels aren't cracked anymore ! In this dry weather I haven't been able to get rid of them in months!

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by Nos from Maroubra (Sydney, Australia) on 06/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Its been over 2 months since I started O'ping but approx 6 weeks since I commenced using ___Sunflower oil and 3 weeks since I have brushed my teeth straight after rinsing my mouth with warm water. The soreness and swelling around the knuckle of my arthritic finger has just about disappeared. I tested this last w'end by not O'ping for two days and the soreness returned by Monday morning - 3 days of O'ping later, its gone again. The key for me I think has been using the ___ oil and a good brushing straight after the rinse (not 1/2 hr later after breakfast). Additionally, like so many others, I have noticed my gums looking much healthier.

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by Deer (Kaitaia, NZ) on 06/02/2009
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I have been doing oil pulling about three weeks or so using organic sunflower oil. In the last few days I have noticed my teeth changing for the worse. The bottoms of my top front 4-6 teeth look opaque, as though the white/yellow is being either drained out or the minerals pulled out. I think it is going on in the tooth not on it. It does not appear to be "staining", more like "draining the inside of my teeth. Needless to say, I am ceasing this treatment. However, I need to know if you have Heard of such an outcome? Is it reversible? What is it?



Replied by Selena
(Chula, GA)

I have heard of this, not with oil pulling, but with other detox programs. Due to minerals chelating the toxins and possibly metals being pulled out of your body, along with your calcium and magnesium. Possibly you are very mineral deficient so therefore your body is pulling it from your bones (including teeth). You need a very good whole food mineral supplement and sunshine (vit. D) to make sure you are absorbing the minerals. The color should return with min. supplement.

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by Anonymous (Charlotte, NC) on 05/18/2009
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I started pulling organic sunflower oil a couple days ago. I read up on it and I realize there will be some side effects. My main goal is to detox my body and get any polutants out of my body. I used to smoke so I wanted to see if I could get my body cleaned up a bit more. So far I'm a little dizzy and feel like my sinuses are spitting out a lot of muck. I take it as a good sign but wanted to see if anyone could let me know how long this will last. It's kind of hard to concentrate at this point.

Replied by Janie
(Seattle, Washington)

It may depend on how much detoxing your body needs to do. I have felt side effects for 2 days, but usually better on the 3rd day. Have started and stopped oil pulling several times and I get a mild headache every time I start up again!

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by Nos (Maroubra, Sydney) on 05/11/2009
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I started it 3 weeks ago using sunflower oil - no problems with it as i would take a swig from the bottle just before jumping into the shower. After 2 weeks I noticed nothing - so then purchased a better 'cold-pressed' brand of sunflower and have been pulling this for a week now, 1st thing in the morning for about 15-20 mins. I now notice a constant mild headache as mentioned by others but as yet no positive improvement signs especially for my arthritic finger. I will continue for say another two weeks and note the results, if any.

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by Joseph (Lancaster, PA) on 04/03/2009
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i have been using the oil pulling method on and off for and like many here i feel my sinus clearing after few minutes. i used the sunflower oil .also if anyone knows what my problem is. i'm a baker for 9 years now and i use flour in making donuts. i'm thinking that the flour may be in my lungs cause i have trouble clearing my throat for sometime half hour or more i'll have to constantly clear throat to get phlem out .. any ideas would be very helpful and remedies. if someone knows my condition then i can get a cure fron earthclinics . thanks in advance joe

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by Helen (Orillia, Ontario) on 03/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Oil pulling with sunflower oil cured my toothache.

I had such a bad toothache. The pain was unbearable. I called my dentist and was told that the earliest appointment I could have was in two weeks! Yikes! In desperation I found the oil pulling remedy and decided to try it. I put about 1/2 a tablespoon of ordinary sunflower oil in my mouth and the relief was instantaneous. I swished it around in my mouth for about 15 minutes. As soon as I spit it out the pain came back, but not as intense. I used the oil swishing again and did it fairly often for a couple of days until the pain disappeared. After that I did it about twice a day.

When I finally went to my dentist, I fully expected her to discover a cavity or an abscessed tooth in the making, but, incredibly she found nothing. And believe me, she poked and prodded like there was no tomorrow!

That happened about a year ago. I recently went for another checkup and again my teeth were fine. I still do the oil pulling occasionally, because sometimes I just don't have time, but it sure is a cure for toothache!

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by MaryEllen (Loveland, Ohio, USA) on 03/10/2009 4 posts
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I started the OP'g around 2 years ago and because of my scientific curiosity I experimented with all oils. My conclusion is that the author of the therapy is correct. Sunflower seed or Sesame seed oils are optimal. I'm sure I also read (of the author) that the oil(s) indigenous to the person is the best choice for success. Therefore, Sunflower seed oil is my oil of choice.

The most profound experience I had with OP'g was following a period of several weeks when I failed to allow the time for the daily therapy, I awoke one morning with a painful tooth, a molar. It appeared to be abcessed. I began to swish with the oil and in about 2 minutes exactly I felt an extreme tickle in my throat; a signal to cough! I was able to get near enough the commode to dump that oil without spewing it undesireably on the surfaces of the bathroom. For the next 15 minutes I expelled mucous as I gagged and coughed. The abcess apparently cured in that short time!

I brush my teeth and tongue 3 times and rinse with CS or water with Ox-E drops following each OP therapy.

I would like to know why it is suggested to OPg only on an empty stomach. I have done it all times of day and have not noticed a difference.

The Ox-E drops mentioned above have been very effective with my husband's systemic staph infection and a secondary yeast infection. Also it could be responsible for curing leaky gut. The one I am using is Nzymes Ox-E-drops which has a pH of 13.

I LOVE this thread,

Replied by T
(Brooklyn, NY)

MaryEllen, do you have a background in science? I was a biology major in college and tend to approach things more conservatively. But I find this oil-pulling therapy very fascinating. I am presently dealing with a dysfunction in my inner ear (6 months to date)....and I was told that my vestibular nerve is both inflamed and infected. (This was not necessarily confirmed via tests even though a neurologist told me I had vestibular neuritis). Given this dysfunction, I am having problems with my sense of balance and coordination. That is, I experience these subjective/false sensations of motion or "rocking" when I walk. I'm wondering if the oil-pulling might help to counter or destroy the virus? I was also told by another specialist that viruses that get lodged in the inner ear can often lay dormant and unfortunately, will re-surface at a later date. This is why treating inner ear disorders are difficult....the organs in the ear or so delicate. Thanks be to God that I still have my hearing but am still searching for answers - so glad to hear you're experiencing great results and thanks for sharing! Be well.

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by Barb (Union, NJ) on 02/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I started OP first thing in the morning with Sunflower Oil for 12 to 15 minutes about 6 weeks ago because of a recurring gum infection from a gum flap that catches food though I did miss two days a week when away from home. It did the trick, nipping another infection in the bud that started during one of those 2 day lapses before it became inflamed and painful.

Ironically I started OP a couple of weeks before my quarterly blood cholesterol profile which was shockingly lower than it has been in spite of being on Lipitor for years! For the first time in my adult life, total cholesterol dropped below 190 (down 30 points) and LDL below 100 (down 25 points), making me a huge believer in OP. I don't intend to change the Sunflower oil to another unless those numbers go back upwards in a future profile.

Additionally, my teeth are whiter without wearing away enamel, postmenopausal hot flushes have decreased in frequency and intensity, and my morning coffee afterward OP is delicious LOL

Sunflower Oil Health Benefits
Posted by Lolo (Paris, France) on 02/06/2009
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Better But With Side Effects

Oil pulling with sunflower oil for sinus infection: So I've been suffering from an incredibly long case of sinusitis, accompanied by what appeared to be a staph infection in my nose and a boil on my face. The sinus infection got significantly worse after two rounds of antibiotics that did not work, so I of course started looking toward alternative methods of healing. I've tried all of them here on earthclinic, but the one that seemed to bring about the most violent reaction from my body is the oil pulling. Wednesday I swished the oil around in my mouth for 20 minutes, spit out all the white stuff and went about my business. That evening I started to have heart palpitations and a slight worsening of some aches and pains I had been having already (certainly due to some of the detox methods suggested here). But on Thursday morning... OH MY GOD!!! I felt like I was going to DIE. My body hurt all over, I could barely breath at times, I spent most of the day in bed, I was crying, coughing up everything possible. I called a doctor who examined me. He took my blood pressure -- it had dropped significantly, which explained the shivers and dizziness. Nevertheless, he told me there was nothing wrong with me and said I should calm down. As the night went on, I started to feel a bit better, but couldn't wait to go to sleep to wake up to a new day. Amazingly, I slept great and woke up feeling 150% better. I sustained that feeling for the entire day -- first time since the beginning of my infection. I'm still sick, but I feel much better today and finally believe that I might be on the road to recovery. I don't know if this was just a coincidence, but it seems pretty unlikely. Anyway, I'm a firm believer in OP now! Thanks earthclinic for your amazing site! Excellent health to you all!

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