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Posted by Carolyn (Lufkin, Tx Usa) on 09/11/2012

I have a friend who was in constant pain and looking for something that would alleviate it. When I saw the posts from Lisa of Thousand Oaks about stem cell treatments, I realized that might be the answer. After talking with her, I knew in my heart that was indeed the answer.

My friend traveled to Jamaica and was treated at the American Stem Cell Institute. This is a branch of the one that Lisa used in Ecuador. He has been home a week, and boy, is there a distinct difference in his health! Before he went, he could not walk without a walker, and then only a few steps before he had to rest. He also suffers from kidney disease brought about due to diabetes. He is now walking without assistance with only a slight limp. His complexion before going was very gray and sallow, but now, he has nice rosy cheeks. The best part is his attitude. He now is planing for a productive future instead of looking for a nursing home to live out his days. I know it sounds too good to be true, but if he has made this much progress in a week, just imagine what will happen in a month.

I will forever be grateful to Lisa for her kindness and expertise in this endeavor. She is a Godsend! And thanks to Earth Clinic for printing her information about stem cell therapy. It has probably saved my friend's life. I will post again as he progresses.