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Intestinal Worms
Posted by Ruth (Longview, Texas) on 07/08/2009
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potassium iodide for intestinal worms...

My 3 year old son had pretty significant diarrhea for three days. I always come to this site for anything and the first thing I read about was the ACV. I gave him a teaspoon mixed with a little honey in water (which he loved). It seemed to help but then it came back with a vengeance. I had been reading about iodine for thyroid problems which I suspect I have due to fluoride issues and tea drinking. So I decided to give him a few drops of liquid potassium iodide in water. He also got a big dose of cinnamon on his toast that morning which is another remedy I read about. The diarrhea stopped and his bowel movement the next day produced several worms. That was unexpected result of the iodine I am certain! Iodine is in my house to stay.