Is Ozone Therapy the Cure You Need?

Ozone for Jawbone Infection
Posted by Llluke (Dundee, Oregon) on 12/01/2015
5 out of 5 stars

In May 2015 I experienced my first ozone injection for a major toothache and confirmed infection in my jawbone.

I received four treatments total in four weeks. During each treatment, multiple small dose injections were given under the dermal layer, facially around my nasal area, temples, inside my mouth at the tooth, across my forehead, and along my neckline.

The toothache was unbearably painful. Ozone injection was my ND's response to my request for alternative treatment for the dentist's prescribed antibiotic regimen. The dentist also said he would pull my tooth, and I wished to save it, if possible.

After one week, the pain was gone. Multiple difficulties began to resolve after the second and third treatments, such as acne and sinus infection I'd battled for many years unsuccessfully.

I cannot give information on the dosage, but each treatment was given from one small syringe. A doctor must be trained and certified after having obtained a medical practitioner's license.

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