Is Ozone Therapy the Cure You Need?

Ozone for Gums and Teeth
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn.) on 10/04/2015
5 out of 5 stars

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Spent the last week watching a dental presentation on the health of the mouth and how it effects your entire body. The integrative dentists are like integrative doctors that are light years ahead of his conventionally trained counter part.

I think we may be changing our present dentist to one that uses ozone in the treatment of your mouth. This audio is long but worth your time.

As most know, we have a medical ozone generator and can make ozonated water and ozonated olive oil to address our mouth health at home.

Every tooth in your head is associated with a meridian that connects to some other part of your body. Our present dentist says his wife had an infected tooth that connected with one of her breasts. He wanted her to have it extracted instead of a pathogen infected root canal. She insisted on the root canal and in a few years had breast cancer and died. That has put him on a guilt trip in which tears come to his eyes when he relates the story.

I am just now getting into this aspect of my health. I have searched the state of Tn and can only find two dentists that use ozone therapy in their practice. Ozone is the only way you can be assured that the pathogens are killed on a tooth repair or a root canal.

I now truly believe that our mouth health can cause problems in other parts of our body.