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Calcium Chloride for Crisp Veggies
Posted by ORH (Ten Mile, Tn) on 07/06/2020

Hi U Ole Patoot doin,,,,,,,,, ORH here.

Let me tell you a story and you will be smart as me. Our ancestors used alum to make veggies crisp. They good folks, but had no clue that alum messes up your brain. The grocery folks kept this a secret for a long, long time. What makes veggies crisp is Calcium Chloride. You can buy it as Pickle Crisp. In the paper industry we used it as a moisture scavenger in drying air to pad Chlorine cars. Chlorine will last one million years in the dry black iron line. A black iron line will last 2 hours in a wet atmosphere. I never replaced a chlorine line because I kept the pad air dry. When I went to Selma...... they replaced the chlorine line every 6 months, because they were ignorant. So here is my admission to you. Do not use Alum, use pickle crisp. The veggies will be better and you will live a lot longer.