Natural Antibiotics: Home Alternatives to Drugs

Natural Antibiotic Recipe
Posted by Alfred (Amsterdam, Netherlands) on 05/26/2010
5 out of 5 stars

This recipe for a natural antibiotic fascinated me. So I made a bunch. Until now I had no real need for this concoction. Last week an inflamation in my jaw flared up once more since years. The whole right side of my upper and lower jaw was inflamed. Pain would send me through the roof when biting on some food.

I started oil pulling right away but this only marginally alleviated the pain and the inflamation did not seem to lessen. Then I remembered that I still had this natural antibiotic in the fridge. This stuff works very well for my problem. The inflamation is under control and the pain is gone.

No more need for Ibuprofen just to survive the pain.