Natural Antibiotics: Home Alternatives to Drugs

Posted by Jan (Pryor, OK) on 11/24/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My son was born C-Section and was diagnosed with Asthma at 4-months old. I read Prevention Magazine about ASTRAGALUS, it is a PROBIOTIC. We have not taken antibiotic in over 15 years. It builds up your white blood cells that fight infections. It is also antiviral fights viruses. Research it on When I worked at the hospital, a nurse researched it and said it prevents cancer cells from dividing to multiply. And stabilizes blood sugar if diabetic. I had Bronchitis real bad. I was using son's inhaler. I took 3-500mg. pills Three times a day for 3 days on 4th day went to the Doctor, had a blood test, doctor said I didn't need an antibiotic. She previously said she thought I would need 4 prescriptions of antibiotics back to back! She knew I researched herbal remedies and asked what I took. I told her and she went back to school to learn Wholeness Medicine.