Moringa Superfood Health Benefits

Serious Bruising
Posted by Dvan34 (Calexico, CA) on 05/01/2024

In June of 2023 my wife had a Vertigo attack and fell in the backyard while watering. She fractured her pelvis in two places and entered the hospital. A few days later she was tranferred to Yuma Medical hospital. She had extensive bruising on both legs and her groins. By extensive I mean complete black bruises covering her legs and groin areas. I had a bottle of Moringa oil and began applying it. Almost immediately we could see that it was helping. Since I did not live in Yuma I asked the nurses if they would apply it when I was not there. They had noted the effects already. the doctor in charge also was advised and she authorized using the oil. In a short time the bruising began to disappear. Our daughter took photos of before and after and showed them to my wife's personal physician here. Needless to say they were amazed at how quickly the oil healed the bruises and reduced the pain.