Mimosa Cures

Chronic Hay Fever
Posted by Mimi (E. Liberty, MD/USA) on 03/18/2009

Mimosa, additional comment: The bark has been a profound remedy for chronic hay fever. People who had hay fever for years (some for decades) experienced relief after the first dose. They could go into fields, woods, and urban areas that normally cause awful allergy symptoms and feel none of the normal discomforts. This is an exceptional remedy.

Dose is dependent on the individual. Example: 1/2 tablespoon fresh bark to 1 cup water; bring to boil and then simmer (length of time simmering was 30 min) but note previous comments about longer cooking time. Some have used 1 tablespoon per 1 cup of water. The relaxing attributes of Mimosa can be strong. Some people fall asleep soon after taking the tea.

Tinctured Mimosa is to be experimented - it hasn't been soaking long enough to be used & to read a true response.