Milk of Magnesia Cures

Ted's Feedback
Posted by Kimber (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 10/28/2012

After going through 6 months of a rash I thought was yeast, doing a yeast cleanse diet with beaucoup supplements, I htought maybe me and my baby had a staph infection and looked here for answers. I stumbled upon the pages where Ted had noted milk of Magnesia's effectiveness against staph. I can't find the original page now but I put the Milk of Magnesia on my skin rash that I suspected was staph. I did this 2-3 times a day and by the 3rd day, it was scabbing and healing, barely itchy. Before, I would wake up at night with my stomach bleeding from itching so much. By the end of the week with the milk of Magnesia, you could barely see where the infection even was. My son who is just 1 year old would get the bumps on his cheeks. I tried many other things before- ACV (in the bath too), absorbine jr (because we tried treating for ringworm), and nothing worked- except for the milk of magnesia. Within 2 day his cheeks started clearing up. I will say that the absobine Jr. Helped to relieve some of the itchy for me, but I'm not sure if it is advisable to use for that- I was just desperate. Thank you for your valuable information here, it is changing lives.