Medicinal Mushrooms

| Modified on Aug 25, 2023
Medicinal mushrooms have enjoyed centuries of respect within Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western Medicine is finally beginning to recognize their value, especially with respect to treatment of cancer and in support of immune function. Not all mushrooms are of equal medicinal value, however.

Many mushrooms contain nutraceutical chemicals such as taxol, penicillin, Vitamin D, schizophyllan, and lentinan. These among other organic compounds in mushrooms offer anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other benefits that can halt the growth of tumors, ramp up the immune system, and balance brain activity among many other benefits.

Regrettably, the sorts of mushrooms you find commonly in most groceries stores are less likely to offer substantial health benefits than more exotic Asian mushrooms, edible and medicinal.

Home Remedies: Common options such as the Chaga, Shiitake, and Reishi mushrooms have been identified to offer anti-viral, antimicrobial, anti-tumor, and glycemic benefits to support the body's immune system, destroy cancerous tumors, and prevent or moderate diabetic conditions.


Posted by Cvw (Abbotsford, Bc, Canada) on 09/19/2010

Hi Ted, Thank you for your previous answers. What are your thoughts on ganoderma? Having had issues with yeast and chronic cough for the past year, I am a bit apprehensive about trying it, but am hearing raves from others who have been using it for at least six months, daily. I understand it is from the mushroom family and fungi foods can enhance yeast problems. Am I correct in making that assumption? Big thanks. CVW

Replied by Lilyelectrolux
(Twentynine Palms, Ca, Usa)

I don't know about ganoderma, but I do know that mullein flower tea is a very powerful cure for chronic cough and other lung ailments. It grows wild in a lot of places or you can get it at the health food store.

Replied by Maria
(Morelia, Mexico)

Hello! I would like to say that Ganoderma is a very powerful mushroom and is useful in many cases to improve health. You can find some videos in youtube about people who used to be sick (cancer, asma, etc. )and then got their health back. Bye :)

Replied by Daniel
(Chesaw, Wa.)

If you are going to make a tea of mullein flowers, please be very careful with this and do not ingest too much. A cup every other day would be sufficient. It can attack your kidneys if you ingest too much.

Thanks Daniel

General Feedback

Posted by Mary (Mukilteo, Wa) on 12/31/2010

Do mushrooms that we eat cause fungus in our bodies? Thank you

Replied by Aginto
(Toronto, On)

No. Mushrooms are very healthy for you. By "fungus" are you referring to Candida?

Replied by Mw
(Austin, Tx)

No, mushrooms do not cause candida in fact some are well known for helping kill candida like Cordyceps. There seems to be some misconception that mushrooms cause fungus. Chinese medicine has used mushrooms for thousands of years to heal.

Lion's Mane

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Posted by Jen (CT) on 05/24/2021

Lions Mane are very unique medicinal mushrooms because they stimulate the production of nerve growth factor. NGF keeps nerve cells healthy and can repair nerve damage. I grow Lions Mane mushrooms and have made dual extracted tinctures that helped with my overall homeostasis, as well as feeling more "sharp" when it came to word recovery and sentence formation, like, not being at a loss for a word which was sometimes happening from time to time.

My hubby's nerve damage to his back is pretty much gone. He can sleep on his right side again, and I never hear him complain of pain in that location. I would add the tincture to a glass of juice in the morning. Always consider your source, and don't be scared to try your hand at growing them! They are quite simple to grow. You can find spores google root mushroom farm.

Replied by guest

Can someone please say how to prepare lion's mane tincture?

What type of lion's mane mushroom (fresh or dry ), and the colour of the mushroom (white or brown)?

Which base should be used for the tincture (alcohol, glycerin, something else )?

Thank you

Replied by guest

Searching for a place to order good quality spawn to grow lion's mane mushrooms.

Anywhere location is fine.


Lion's Mane
Posted by Liz (Boston, Ma) on 12/23/2015

I have used Lion's Mane. I took it for memory support and while I found that it did help, it eventually got so expensive that I couldn't afford to buy it anymore. :( Supply and demand...*sighhhh*

I tried less expensive brands, but they were nowhere near as effective.

Replied by Tara
(Cincinnati Ohio)

Lions Mane are easy to grow in most climates. A quick goodle search will tell you how and it's pretty simple. They are not expensive really to buy- the cost of one bottle of capsules will buy about 100 plugs. All you have to do is find logs or trees to 'plant' them in and drill the holes.

Many medicinal mushrooms can be grown at home and bought online - to buy the capsules is insanity.

and if you have a good harvest, you can always eat them or sell some- organic mushrooms go for a good price to local chefs- and you can always check your local 'locavore' site.

They are easy to tincture and make into teas or dry as well. Fresh and local is always better :)

Replied by Kathy
(Macomb, Il)

I am hoping to induce more ngf [nerve growth factor] also to knock down the tn [trigeminal neuralgia].

Replied by Liz
(Boston, Ma)

Unfortunately, that's not an option where I live. "Drill holes in a tree"? What's a tree? (j/k)

I live in a concrete jungle, so this isn't an option, nor is foraging through local wooded areas (in case that was your Plan B). ;-)

I suppose I could ask a friend in the burbs if I could drill holes in one of their trees. When they're finished laughing at me, maybe they'll say yes? :) (I think I had one too many eggnogs at our family get-together earlier this afternoon. I'm in a sillier-than-usual mood.)

Not knocking it--it's a great idea for those with trees in their yard! I would be ALL over this if I were one of them.

Replied by Harmonica
(Northern Illinois)

Hi - I would recommend the Stamet's brand called My Community' -- it's the blend we use. High quality product and available locally in a few places here as well as online. We have more energy - just feel great!

Lion's Mane
Posted by Kathy (Macomb, Il) on 12/22/2015

Hi, has anyone used lions mane mushroom?

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Bee (New Orleans, La) on 03/14/2013

Medicinal mushrooms are great for sinus infections and just about anything to do with your immune system. Took one dose of some my chiropractor sold me about 5 yrs ago and I was able to go from bed ridden to out clubbing that same night with some tiredness of course. Had friends in town so I felt obligated. Even after a night out, no drinking, I thought would at least feel worse from the smoke in the bar but as I woke up, I continually felt better. Now I have been taking two a day for all these years and have not had more than a tingle in my nose and no illnesses.

If I've been working in a smokey place, I use saline spray to help but I have not been sick with anything for all these years. I think it's building my immune system even when I'm in contact with a lot of people.

I recommend taking the blends of at least 5 to 10 or more. Not just one mushroom. I ran into a number of ordering problems between my store and online and was without for a month, also was around smoke again AND found a major mold issue in my new place. So... I got sick. Not nearly as bad as I used to though. I tried to prevent getting sick with Reishi tea, and bought the only blend I could find shitake/maitake but it just wasn't enough and I got a full blown sinus infection. Difference is back in the day I would be in bed unable to walk my dogs even, now I am fine, just unable to do yoga or go to work and I sleep a lot.

I finally got ahold of a medicinal mushroom blend with about 10 or more strains and I'm getting better. Makes me really appreciate how well they were working all these years. Highly recommend them!!!

Replied by Marge Lockwood
(Glendale, Az)

My son suffers from a debilitating case of chronic rhino-sinusitis (he's had it for years now) plus associated allergies (he's allergic to almost everything)! He has such bad 'post-nasal drip' that he's constantly hacking up mucous which then causes him to gag on food and vomit it back up because of the continuous accumulation at the back of the throat. He also suffers from severe pressure headaches. Can you tell me what the combination of mushrooms was that you used which gave you such wonderful relief from your sinus problems? My son is really, really desperate. His condition makes it very difficult for him to find (and keep) a job and he's about as depressed as he is ill. Any help/advice would be gratefully appreciated.

BTW because he's been without a job (lost the last one due to illness), he's been without a health insurance plan. So we need to try to do it naturally - if at all possible.


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Posted by Nicole Ciccarelli (Chicago, Il, USA) on 01/26/2013

In relation to medicinal mushrooms inquiry. I have found Ganoderma, also known as Reishi or Lingzhi to be extremely beneficial in making me feel more awake, invigorated, inspired and all around energized. I believe medicianl mushrooms have huge healing properties including Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake and others. Regarding Candida it's in my opinion that they support proper immune function therefore enabling the body to ward off the yeast and baf fungo and molds in the body.