Medicinal Herb Identification Photos

Ribwort Plantain Photos
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 04/20/2017

It is spring and the plantain in my yard is abundant! I tend to use it a lot in the spring, too. If I get an insect bite I grab a piece of plantain and squish it and rub it on the bite. I can't quite believe how well it works.

My son burned his hand on the lawnmower last week. It was a second degree burn and hurt a lot. I picked fresh plantain leaves and scalded them. Then I cooled them. I put salve on the burn and then put the cool wilted leaves onto the burn and bandaged that up. Voila! No more pain. I did this morning and evening for 5 days until the skin was healed up well enough that he no longer needed it.

Money could not buy a better remedy than this plant I pick for free. I am attaching some pictures so you can look for it in your yard if you don't already know what it looks like. This is the broad leaf kind and looks kind of like lettuce. It could be used in salads!

~Mama to Many~