Mama's Must-Have Kitchen Remedies for Winter

Winter Health Tips
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 12/27/2021

The season where we eat too much and hibernate in winter. I use castor oil and ginger this time of year. Ginger is very warming and calms the stomach and fights bacteria. I use castor oil daily in my mouth, and on my skin. I use hydrogen peroxide on a q tip in each ear until it fizzes out and repeat to make sure I got whatever might be out of order in the ear, then I add some castor oil on a q tip in each ear. It is said that 4 out of 5 people get relief from flu or colds if they do this when they first notice symptoms. I do it about once a week. My hair has turned a bit grey, so I have recently added molasses to my morning coffee about 1/2 tsp. Hope to see some youthful color return by spring. A good shampoo/ cream rinse is to use your own urine. It cleans out the hair follicles and resets the hormone balance in them and hair loves it. I usually shampoo if I think my hair is dirty, then rinse with the urine and let it sit a bit and rinse out with water. Urine is also good for skin and foot fungal issues. It helps stop hair falling out. 50-100 hairs a day is normal hair fall. I take a lot of supplements. Castor oil also helps hair grow. It is messy and I use baking soda if I put castor oil on my head to remove it, I sprinkle my scalp with baking soda and rub it around to soak up the castor oil and shampoo it out.

I would recommend you take small amounts until you adjust to things, so you don't have die off misery and do some research, these things are good for much more than what I wrote here. Stay hydrated and keep your salts in balance. HOPE YOUR WINTERS REST RESTORES YOU. Blessings, Charity