Is LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) a "Cure All?"

Viruses, Menopause Symptoms
Posted by Dawnie (Pennsylvania) on 09/17/2017
5 out of 5 stars

After reading your article on low dose naltrexone I just wanted to share that after testing positive for human parvo virus, HH6, and cytomegalovirus I was so tired every day and all of my major joints hurt. I was told by a Dr. in Florida that 80% of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia or CFS, have at some point had fifths disease. In any event he recommended LDN and I was more than willing to try anything.

The first week was so bad that I had to stop taking LDN 4.5 mg. I did not feel any better and some days the brain fog was unbearable. A few days after stopping I realized I was actually getting better and thought to myself it had to be the late effects of the LDN. I hadn't felt that good in several months.

I started back on LDN taking 1/2 of a 4.5mg tab nightly and the results were amazing!!! Within a few weeks I was back to myself. Even better than I was prior to getting sick. I tried stopping the LDN and within a few weeks all of my joint pain was back as well as the extreme fatigue.

I was also pleasantly surprised to realize that while I was on the LDN my night sweats from menopause were controlled as well. I hadn't realized it until I'd stopped taking LDN how much it was helping my mood and night sweats!!!

Needless to say I have had amazing results and can not imagine ever being without it. Recently I had to stop taking it again for several weeks because I was having surgery and I knew I would need to take Percocet for pain after my surgery. I was hoping that once I stopped the LDN I would just stay off it even when I was done with the pain medicine. Just because who wants to rely on a pill if it's not necessary. Well within three weeks I was waking up dripping wet from night sweats and all of my joints were aching again! I remember coming home from my work out one night and thinking OMG I can't believe how awful I feel again!!! I immediately started back on my LDN 4.5 mg at bedtime and once again joint pain, night sweats and chronic fatigue gone!!!!

I am so grateful for this drug!!! I can not imagine where I'd be without it.