Is LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) a "Cure All?"

Chronic Cough
Posted by Sam (Miami) on 01/08/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Jan 2023 Update:

My sister's annual severe allergy during pollination season (July-September) is reduced to a mild discomfort, if she takes LDN. She can't get it in her home country, therefore depends on the supply she brings home after visiting Miami. Before LDN she was getting IV infusions (medications) in a hospital setting, for her allergy was severe.

Our Mom has died in 2021, she was 85. She was diagnosed with a rare endometrial sarcoma in 2019, had a laparoscopic surgery, was discharged 3 days later, never had a followup with an oncologist, in fact she had only seen an oncologist once who recommended an open abdomen surgery (still a standard procedure in her home country), PET scan, etc. We convinced Mom not to have PET scan done and have a laparoscopic surgery for which she had to pay out her pocket. Mom never stopped taking LDN since 2018. The company that was selling it online and shipping all over the world was reprimanded by FDA (not sure what jurisdiction they had over the company based in Singapore) for the "fake" COVID treatment claims in 2021 went out of business.

In 2021 Mom still had one year supply. After the surgery Mom recovered fast, had no symptoms and was fully functional physically and mentally until May 2021, (2.5 years after the surgery) when she had some sort of episode, we believe it was a stroke (she lived alone and refused to move to live with us). 3 days later, after 36hrs trip, we were with Mom. One-two more days and she would be gone.

We immediately started intramuscular injections of 2 medications for people with strokes, prescribed by her doctor (doctors still do house calls in her country) and Mom responded dramatically. She also had an acupuncture at home and the acupuncturist said that she "tapped" into Mom's life reserves and if we want to transport her we have to do it right away. It took 30 days to wrap things up before we were able to leave. We bought a wheelchair. Mom managed 8hr flight fairly well, 3 days in a hotel, then another 3hr flight and 5 hrs ride in a car. She wasn't complaining about anything, but we could see that she started deteriorating physically and mentally.

5 weeks into her new home and she was gone-she was sleeping all the time, losing her muscle strength and was not recognizing her family. We don't know the exact cause of her death. I took 12 weeks to go from being a fully independent and active, not like an average ailing 84yo, but like a fully functional person, to her death.

Our thoughts: She was on LDN for 3.5 years- it took care of her pains that come with age, put her very aggressive cancer into a remission (she had no symptoms whatsoever), and whatever episode she had in May, 2021 was not caused by cancer. An autopsy was done since she had no doctor in her new home-country, but it was just a formality without thorough investigation, it did show metastasis in her lungs, yet Mom had no symptoms whatsoever. Long story short, Mom was spared of chemo, radiation and scans torture and lived as nothing was wrong with her. Was it LDN? We don't know but tend to believe it was.

I have Dysautonomia, severe premature osteoporosis, and now tested positive for PQ VGCC antibodies. The list on my symptoms could be 5 pages long. I am taking LDN on and off for several years. It does help with pain- I do have this weird BONEs pain, upper body pains, hip bones pain, clavicle, shoulder-blades, you name a bone-it hurts. Once I stop taking LDN, the pain comes back. It didn't help with any of the other 99 symptoms... PQ VGCC positive means we have to start an aggressive search for a cancer. I don't have strength or desire to search for anything anymore.

As you can see, 3 people, different ages, different health problems, and different response to LDN.

Chronic Cough
Posted by Sam (Miami) on 11/08/2018
5 out of 5 stars

LDN: A different kind of medicine that doesn't heal itself, but makes your body to heal whatever isn't working.

My sister's persistent itchy cough that she had for years disappeared literally next morning after she took her first dose. We were shocked. 3.5 mg capsules didn't work for me and now I found a company in Israel that ships it liquid, one drop 0.5 mg. Under the tounge. It is still being shipped. I ordered to my mother in Latvia, it took 21days, but she got it. You have to take it nonstop for the rest of your life. If there are no alternatives, the price is small compared to consequences. There's no limits to what might get cured, since it makes your own body to figure be out what is wrong and address it