Juicing: A Glassful of Health and Home Remedies!

Juicing Tips
Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA) on 09/06/2009

Slice Stringy Vegetables for Easier Juicing...

If you've ever tried juicing a hunk of burdock root you know that stringy vegetables can be nearly impossible to juice. If you slice the offender into lengthwise strips about 1/2 inch wide it will be much easier to juice.

Carrot Juice
Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA) on 09/06/2009

I noticed one day that my contacts looked rather orange. They're supposed to be mildly blue. After deciding it must have been all the carrot juice I was drinking, I quit drinking carrot juice. Probably a little now and then or diluted would be ok, though. So far the new pair is not orange and I have had almost zero carrot juice. Just a word of caution.

Posted by Ann (Penang, Malaysia) on 07/14/2009

I caught a regular flu and cough recently in the midst of the dreadful wide spread of H1N1 swine flu. I juiced the following fruits and drank it 3 times a day and I was well within a couple of days. Would like to share the recipe here.

1 big grapefruit - Peel and leave the white pith intact. Discard all seeds
2 lemons - Peel and leave the white pith intact. Discard all seeds
3 oranges - Peel and leave the white pith intact. Discard all seeds
raw organic honey

For cough,
3 green apples
1 thumb size piece of fresh ginger

I obtained the recipe from this site, you will find more anti-flu juice recipes there:

EC: Above deleted url was to a well known juicer company.

Side Effects
Posted by Sarah (Hackensack, New Jersey) on 06/28/2009

You could be allergic to Bell Pepper because Bell pepper is one of the common grocery ingredients that causes allergic reactions. Why don't you skip it and continue with the rest?

Carrot Juice
Posted by Kay (Somewhere in the USA) on 05/23/2009

A friend who's mother is on dialysis has a problem with leg cramps at nightime and dissolves 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon baking soda (start with 1/4) in 8-10 oz. of pure water (not arm& hammer- organic bs from a health food store only costs approx. $3.50 a lb. but lasts a long time) and it relieved hers so, I tried it and it worked for me too. I hope that helps.

Carrot Juice
Posted by JB (So Cal, Ca) on 05/23/2009

I suffered from severe leg and feet cramping, as a freediver I found this to be a little dangerous, so as I ruled out with the Dr.s after a long 2 yrs, the conclusion was a potassium deficiency, as I began a regimen in potassium rich foods along with dietary supplements they went away, key lots of water!!

Good Luck!

Posted by Theresa (Washington D.C., USA) on 02/12/2009

I have been an avid reader of Earth Clinic since finding a great sore throat cure here in desperation last winter.

I suffer from moderate adult acne and I wanted to share with you my results from drinking freshly made carrot juice, blended with fresh parsley, apple and ginger.

Anecdotal evidence (my own) suggests that the Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) in carrots is helping heal my skin. Parsley contains high amounts of chlorophyll and Vitamin C, and Apples also contain vitamin C. Ginger is a potent herb known for it's curative properties.

To get the full benefits of this regimen, use ORGANIC produce.

I recommend starting on the juice regimen as a daily practice.

NB: You will need a juicer, NOT a blender! I use the Breville brand of juicers, they are the absolute best and easy to clean.

The recipe I use:

12 organic carrots - do NOT juice the greens - they are toxic
2 organic apples (do NOT juice the apple seeds. They contain a trace amount of cyanide)
1 very large bunch of fresh organic parsley
1 hunk of fresh ginger (about 1 - 2 inches long)

Carefully clean and rinse produce. Chop off the top and tip of the carrots. Leave the peel ON.
Divide the apple into four quarters. Chop off the part where the seeds are.
Wash the parsley and place on a paper towel.
Scrub the ginger well with a vegetable brush. Cut off any dead looking areas.

Carefully inspect the juicer and turn it on.

S-L-O-W-L-Y feed the parsley into the juicer with the safety pusher
then slowly feed your apples through
then slowly feed the ginger through
then slowly feed the carrots through.


DRINK IMMEDIATELY! Juice starts to lose it's vitamins on contact with air. If you do make too much juice, refrigerate it in a GLASS CONTAINER and use it within 24 hours.

Weight Loss
Posted by Janie (Mattoon, Il) on 02/02/2009

Hope this helps in your quest to lose weight through juicing.

How do I lose weight with juicing?

The best way to achieve weight loss through juice fasting is to use low-sugar vegetables, rather than fruits. Remember that with juicing, all of the fiber is removed, so any high sugar vegetable (such as carrots) will send your blood sugar and insulin levels through the roof. This will cause weight gain.

Juice with the following ORGANIC low-sugar, high-nutrient vegetables for optimum cleansing and weight loss:

o green or red chard o dandelion greens (these are especially good for liver cleansing) o cucumber (these have lots of water) o celery o spinach o parsley o sprouts o romaine lettuce o cilantro o broccoli o fennel o tomatoes

Avoid the high-sugar root vegetables such as carrots and beets (although beets are well-known for their liver cleansing and healing abilities). If you can get beet greens, use those instead. Many supermarkets carry them.

You may notice that there is only one cruciferous vegetable on my list (broccoli). Although these types of vegetables are filled with cancer-fighting, liver-cleansing compounds, they have also may interfere with thyroid function. Since a sluggish thyroid (hypothyroidism) can affect many people who are trying to lose weight, I advise keeping your intake of these vegetables lower, especially for juicing.

Experiment with which combinations you like best. Here are some general guidelines for combos:

o tomato, celery, cucumber, romaine, dandelion o broccoli, tomato, celery, parsley, cilantro

Why no fruit juices?

I don't recommend consuming fruit juices because it is such a concentrated source of sugar, and can spike your blood sugar and insulin levels, leading to increased weight gain. Most people who are overweight need to control their blood sugar carefully. So stay away from fruits to achieve weight loss through juice fasting.

However, there are some low-sugar fruit exceptions: strawberries, cranberries, and blueberries. Although they DO contain fruit sugars, they are the lowest in sugar of all fruits (except lemons and limes, of course).

A delicious, refreshing morning blend is to juice a handful of fresh (not frozen) strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries. Then add the juice of half a lemon.

But be sure to note how you feel after drinking this juice. Does your heart race? Do you feel lightheaded? This could indicate that these fruit juices have caused a spike in your blood sugar. If this happens, don't juice fruits, except for lemons and limes.

Why buy organic?

Because these juices use so many vegetables, and are so concentrated, it's especially important that you buy organic vegetables. If you're on a limited budget, then make sure you get organic celery and spinach, as these are the most highly sprayed of the juicing vegetables. Of the fruits, be sure to buy organic strawberries.

Juicing is an important part of a successful weight loss plan, and you will feel great, too!

Weight Loss
Posted by Rosy (Orlando, Fl) on 02/02/2009

Mostly veggies, as fruits have lots of sugar. I like spinach and strawberry juice, berry delicious! I only use a couple of strawberries, and mostly spinach leaves. If you are using a spinning juicer I would add a harder veggie to help push all the good stuff the rest of the way through. Also don't forget to use the pulp. I made some great rice with celery and carrot pulp. If you are juicing only pleas make sure you are getting enough calories, as you metabolism will slow if you get too few.

Weight Loss
Posted by Sandy (Bangalore, India) on 02/02/2009

Bottle-gourd juice is supposed to be very effective for weight loss. Also, has a host of other health benefits.

Weight Loss
Posted by rdani (cincinnati, ohio) on 02/01/2009

Weightloss: what I'm a new juicer and I love to that I can get my daily recommended fruits and vegetables this way, however, I would to lose 75 pounds off my frame and wonder what combination of veggies and or fruits should you juice in order to lose unwanted weight?

Side Effects
Posted by Carleen (Brooklyn, U.S.A) on 12/12/2008

I would like to know, can I be allergic to juicing? I recently purchased a juicer and began juicing. After having my first glass of juice, which comprised of grapes, apples, spinach, clery, and sweet pepper my face and head started itching. The next day I eliminated the grapes, (becuase I remembered before I started juicing the day before i had a few red grapes, and a little itching started), so I figured I was allergic to red grapes. I then added carrots to my juicing concoction, and after having the glass I still itched. The following day I decided to get rid of the carrots this time, so I juicied spinach, lettuce, clery, peppers and an apple. This time I was still itching but it was less intense. Is it possible for me to be allergice to juicing? Just to let you know I juice first thing in the moring after having a workout, also, I am not allergic to fruit and vegetables if eaten.

Acid Reflux
Posted by T (Dumont, NJ) on 04/20/2008

After a long battle, first with prescriptions, then with nearly every suggestion made here on Earth Clinic, I have finally defeated Acid Reflux by juicing. (I love Earth Clinic, & many of the suggestions here helped, but juicing seemed to resolve my problem.) I improved after juicing for the first time and now, after several months, I can eat anything (except I still avoid chocolate, coffee, & excessive sugar). At my worst, even a single mouthful of any food would set off symptoms. I couldn't lie flat for almost a year. I was up all night many times. I had symptoms of a hiatal hernia as well as reflux. Before I started trying natural remedies, I was on 80 mg/day of Nexium with little relief and discontinued when I started seeing blood in my stools.

A typical juice may have kale, carrots, ginger, cucumber, celery, zucchini (+ maybe 1/2 beet or apple). Be creative but don't overdo it with fruits or sugary veggies.

I also eat oatmeal (soluble fiber acts as prebiotic) w/ cayenne, virgin coconut oil. I eat papayas too. I found baking soda in water at bedtime controlled symptoms when I still had them. These things helped but juicing was the key to conquering. Make small quantities (1 glass or less) and sip. If you are prone to constipation, don't drink too much and take a fiber supplement. If you don't have a juicer, some healthfood stores make fresh juice blends by the glass (again, avoid the sugary blends). My juicer cost about $75 and has been well worth it. One more thing- in my experience, there is no substitute for the nutrition of real, whole food. I have had a pretty healthy diet for a couple of years but never was able to consume the quantity & variety of raw veggies I get w/ juicing.

Carrot Juice
Posted by Rathnashikamani (Kalpakkam, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA) on 01/05/2008

Irene from Hermosa, South Dakota wrote: CARROT JUICE CAUSED LEG CRAMPS. It may not be because of carrot juice. It may be due to deficiency of Vitamin-E (Tocopherol). Germinated wheat/green gram are rich in Vitamin-E, which is safer than those pills.

Carrot Juice
Posted by Irene (Hermosa, South Dakota) on 10/31/2007


Sometimes I wake up at night with one or both feet cramping and sometimes it is my ankle or leg cramping. Sometimes if I am in bed for 1/2 hour or so before going to sleep my feet will cramp. Someone said stretching your feet and legs will help but it didn't. Usually I will walk around for awhile and usually take Vit C, D and E. Within 5 minutes the cramping sometimes stops. During the time I was healing my liver from jaundice I was taking 45-60 ounces of carrot juice a day and then I had a lot of cramps.

Cabbage Juice for GERD
Posted by Sarah (Brussels, Belgium) on 05/20/2007

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with GERD and I suffered from acid reflux and heartburn. The medication prescribed by the doctor rather worsened my situation and I suffered a number of side effects from it. I came across a site suggesting that drinking raw cabbage juice cures acid reflux and other problems related to the stomach, such as ulcer.I did further research to confirm this and decided to give it a try.

The general suggested daily dosage is about a quart [800ml] of raw cabbage juice to be taken about 4 times daily. I found that rather too much and I started with 400ml [100ml x 4].I noticed great improvement and after one week I reduced the dosage to 300ml [100ml x 3]. After about 3 weeks of the whole therapy, I decided to take only 200ml a day. Those with stomach ulcers or acute cases of acid reflux might need to take the full dosage.

I have stopped drinking cabbage juice since about 10 months now and I haven't had any serious reflux problems. For those who would like to try it, PLEASE NOTE that it is said to have strong impact on the thyroid glands [the more reason why I never consumed 800ml a day!]. Not to mention the stench - it is better stored in an air-tight water bottle and kept in the fridge. Good luck to all, and thanks for the great site.

Garlic Carrot Juice Remedy
Posted by Rathnashikamani B (Chennai, Tamilnadu, India) on 12/18/2007

Add few cloves of garlic to carrots well peeled off and chopped. Extract the juice by adding enough water. Have it regularly every morning on empty stomach. It cures the following:

Skin infections
Allergic Colds
Heart troubles
Lung infections

Onion Juice
Posted by Gabriela (Pahoa, USA) on 02/01/2008

I have had pinworms for almost a year. I tried unsuccessful at first to treat it naturally. I spent $ 300.00 for an internal parasite cleanse (DR.Natura) which did absolutely nothing. I was told it is NOT possible to treat them other than with allopathic medicines. Pin-Ex didn't work. As here on a remote island, I don't have access to a personal doctor, only to a clinic where little time is at hand and only 1 medicine is prescribed(Mebendazole). If that doesn't work, bad luck. After I was sufficiently angry and determined to help myself, it worked again as it always has in the past. I find that this TOTAL determination to help myself is necessary to find my cure. First I drank the juice of one big onion mixed with sweet orange juice (fresh) for 2 days (to alkalize my system). This is my personal first aid with almost ALL illness. Then I ate 3-4 bulbs of garlic during the day. I added Epazote to my herbal teas and meals (one tablespoon over the day). And I drank 2 ginger teas and ate all the cut up ginger (about a table spoon full) at the end with some agave sirup. At night I used one quarter tablet of pin-ex as a suppository to kill the worms in the anus and be able to sleep without squirming worms and stop them from laying more eggs. I had to do this only 3 or 4 nights, then I was symptom free. I hung bedsheets and blankets all day in the sun, every day for a week. Changed towels and clothing daily.

Onion Juice
Posted by Gabriela (Pahoa, USA) on 02/01/2008

When I had a cold or the flu in the past, my body could never get rid of it. I always got bronchitis and always had to take anti-biotics to finally stop it all. One day I said to myself with TOTAL determination: I will not allow to get a cold again, because my body can't fight it. Since then I have had only one cold (in 10 years). That one I cured with the juice of one large organic onion per day(made in the Champion juicer) and mixed with fresh orange juice. I had to drink this for 2 days only and was fine again. I regard onion juice as a natural anti-biotic.

Juice Fasting
Posted by Gabriela (Pahoa, USA) on 02/01/2008

I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis almost 25 years ago and was suffering on and off with painful inflammation in my hands. After taking all the usual prescribed medicines for about a year, I had enough and went on to cure myself. I did 4 weeks of juice fasting and afterwards ate only vegan and mostly raw foods (all organic). I also let the dentist remove all my amalgams. Over the years when my diet got poor and my stress levels high, I would get inflammation again. Whenever I went back to juice fasting (the ultimate detoxification, I would do this for all kinds of diseases) and eating RAVE diet (google it) foods, I get symptom free. Stress in life is often unavoidable, but we have power over the foods we eat. Juice fasting and RAVE diet are my cure for Rheumatoid arthritis. If I find myself eating too sweet (sugar is poison, I use Stevia and Agave syrup only), I counteract with greens. (alalize again). Industrial food (all prepared food) is poison. I don't eat it.

N/a Beer for Juicing Abdominal Pain
Posted by Robert (Orlando, Florida) on 03/10/2008

Non-alcoholic beer remedy

Years ago I began to drink large amounts of fruit or vegetable juices like grape or V-8 or tomato juice, but the acid content eventually began to irritate my bowels. At one point my body could no longer tolerate those juices getting severe intestinal pains if I took any amount.

Then I began drinking juices together with non-alcoholic beer and found that, amazingly, I could drink unlimited amounts of juices that way without any problem whatsoever. I don't know what it is about beer that mitigates the effects of the acid in juices but I have been mixing the two and drinking them for many years now with no ill effects whatsoever. In fact, I find the taste of the combination to be superior to the taste of either one alone. The best way to do it is to mix the juice together (maybe about 25% to 50% beer) but they can be taken separately too.

Cure for All Diseases
Posted by LITSA (FAIRBANKS, ALASKA) on 03/19/2008

The only remedy for any problems we all have is really simple juice ORGANIC VEGETABLES drink 1or 2 pitchers a day and you will see diference.

Correct Ratio of Ingredients
Posted by Gaye (Greenwich, CT) on 03/19/2008

I find that I have extreme brain fog (and brain fatigue for that matter) when I eat wheat and sugary things. I have made a great effort in the past few weeks to radically reduce my sugar intake and limit wheat consumption. I have also been eating tons and tons of cooked vegetable dishes with brown rice (Indian, Morrocan, etc. -- you can't believe how many recipes there are for vegetables!). I have also reduced my chicken and fish intake. And forget about beef after the humane society's video. NO WAY! Well, the most amazing changes I have discovered in the past week are that I have a very clear mind and sharper concentration that lasts consistently all day! My skin is also softer and my eyes are brighter.. dark circles not quite so noticeable. My husband and I just got a juicer and we have been having carrot and celery juice every few days. My current issue with juicing is that it appears to cause an acid pH quite quickly, but I might be doing the wrong concoction of ingredients. I tried cabbage and beets one day but felt nauseous for the next 12 hours!

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