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Side Effects
Posted by Carleen (Brooklyn, U.S.A) on 12/12/2008
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I would like to know, can I be allergic to juicing? I recently purchased a juicer and began juicing. After having my first glass of juice, which comprised of grapes, apples, spinach, clery, and sweet pepper my face and head started itching. The next day I eliminated the grapes, (becuase I remembered before I started juicing the day before i had a few red grapes, and a little itching started), so I figured I was allergic to red grapes. I then added carrots to my juicing concoction, and after having the glass I still itched. The following day I decided to get rid of the carrots this time, so I juicied spinach, lettuce, clery, peppers and an apple. This time I was still itching but it was less intense. Is it possible for me to be allergice to juicing? Just to let you know I juice first thing in the moring after having a workout, also, I am not allergic to fruit and vegetables if eaten.