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Cucumber Juice
Posted by Jane (Asheville, NC) on 02/04/2011

Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me. I started juicing greens last month with great results (energy, glowing skin, detoxifying effects, etc). However, on the two ocassions that I added a cucumber to my concoction, I have gotten a strange reaction in the brain about half an hour later. Yesterday I juiced 1 medium cucumber along with a lime, piece of ginger, a green apple, 1 head of romaine lettuce. Half an hour later, I felt a hot, rushing sensation in the top part of my head and then for the rest of the day I had a slight headache. The same happened to me in January, but I didn't figure out it was the cucumber addition until yesterday. In Jan, I thought I might have had an overdose of vitamin d from the 5,000mg supplement I take every day and too much green juice. But now I am not so sure. Do you think this is a pesticide reaction? I feel much better today. The cucumber was not organic. Thanks in advance for any insight you might have.