Inversion Board Therapy

Inversion Board Side Effects
Posted by Lingo (Dc) on 08/13/2018
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Hello Earth Clinic,

I have a pinched nerve so some recommended that I get an inversion table. That table caused a big problem for me.

After using the inversion table vertically staying down for about 1 to 2 minutes, it caused a stomach reflex, or even maybe GERD and it's pretty severe. I feel a tightness in the esophagus area. No other symptoms however it affected my lifestyle greatly.

I have changed my diet, stayed away from citrus foods, and now eating oatmeal for breakfast and chicken for dinner. I have a very controlled diet. I took two types of capsules from the doctor, to reduce the acids. Nothing worked.

Did anyone experience this? Any ideas or suggestions?

Sorry for not providing enough information - this is my first post here.