Hydrogen Peroxide Foot Bath Therapy

Rubber Boots
Posted by Richard Fasanello (Washington, NJ/USA) on 09/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My dietary requirements are so stringent that I often find myself without a sufficient period of time to administer orally into an empty stomach. Prompted by the bathwater method I developed a "foot bath" method. I found an unlined "unisex" rubber/plastic boot in a big box store. I bought a size that fit my bare feet. They were then filled and soaked in water for 24 hours to remove any readily soluble materials. After washing the feet with a solution of 1 oz. Mild dish dertergent to 1 qt. 70% IPA (rubbing alcohol), then rinsing and drying, to minimize germs which could use up some of the peroxide effectivness, the boots are donned over bare feet and 1/4 cup of approximately 1% (1oz. 35% food grade added to 1 qt distilled water) peroxide is poured in and a 2 hour soak commences. This may prove to be the closest thing to an IV administration possible and requires no doctor visits/expenses.