Hydrogen Peroxide Foot Bath Therapy

Rubber Boots
Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 02/25/2022
2 out of 5 stars

For many years I have been dreaming about a portable foot bath that would allow me to walk around while I am soaking my feet. After finding a pair of unlined rubber boots in a Chinese clothing store, I bought a pair that was one size larger than my usual size.

After getting back to my house, I filled each of those boots with one pint of a 2% solution, and donned those boots over my bare feet. I did this on 2 separate days.

From a distance it looked like I had the perfect setup, and that I had a highly successful portable foot bath. However, reality was very different. There were 3 issues as follows:

Issue #1: Increasingly more and more chemical and mechanical burns appeared on my bare legs. Apparently the made in China rubber boots are physically and chemically abrasive, if you try to wear them without your socks on.

Issue #2 was the design of those boots. It was enormously difficult to take those boots off. It was a struggle every single time. The combination of water and bare feet was kind of deadly. Once water got inside those boots, the boots shrank and or stuck to the bare skin of my feet. I checked over and over; and no, my feet did not swell.

Issue #3 was my concern over the many undesirable chemicals that probably leached from those boots. The ideal vessel would have been glass and or ceramic. This means that, even if I purchased and used the most expensive pair of rubber boots, they would have been far from ideal.

Any ideas?