Health Benefits of Oatmeal

Posted by Wallace (Minneapolis, Mn) on 01/15/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had seborrrheic dermatitis several years ago. I tried everything... Shampoos, vinegar, prescriptions, etc. I started using OATMEAL SOAP when I took a shower and it seemed to stop the itching (there are many kinds and companies making this soap so you have to experiment to see which works for you). I used it for my body and hair and it stopped the itching on my arms and hands but MOST IMPORTANT it stopped the itching on my HEAD, EYES, EARS etc. During a shower I would start with my scalp and soap my head twice to get the hair, ears, eyebrows etc. Clean. Instead of a cream rinse I would soap my hair once more and leave that on til the end of my shower when I rinsed the oatmeal soap off my head and body. I have a minor flare up ever so often but it has stopped my dermatitis misery better than anything else. Please be PATIENT... It doesn't work overnight!!! Keep using the oatmeal soap (and nothing else!!! ) when you take a shower (may take a week, a month, maybe more???) I also use it when washing my hands (unless I need to use antibacterial soap to remove nasty things from my hands). My itchy arms, hands and back have all gone away except for a few flare ups but they don't last long.