Health Benefits of Bananas

Posted by Sravanthi (India) on 07/31/2013

I can't still believe that my three year old wart on my leg finger is vanishing. I applied acid on it , later painful laser surgery and again acid application. I found that it is not working and the wart is spreading to another finger.

i read all you comments and It gave a boost up to start using the banana peel. It really worked. It has been a week that I put a banana peel with the inside of the peel touching the wart and used a band aid to hold it through out the day. I changed it every day. The new ones disappeared in four days. the bigger one (around half an inch dia) is almost gone and I can feel the soft flesh now.

I thank all of those who contributed by giving their valuable feedback. Banana peel really works. And it is painless, no chemicals and cheapest cure ever. Kudos to the Mother Nature...