Healing Music

Posted by Monica (Round Rock, TX) on 08/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

When my daughter was born, she would cry.. A LOT.. she was very fussy especially after being breast feed. Before we actually found out she was allergic to cow's milk, we found out that Enya's music would put her to sleep in last then five minutes. We would play an Enya CD loud next to her crib, especially Wild Child, and she would be out. I think her music is very soothing and relaxing and I guess so did my daughter. We would spend hours on the phone with the doctor practically every day and trying so many different drops or holding her in a different position every 30 minutes. But one day I just happen to be so fed up and about to loose it myself, I just press play on the CD to block her crying (after 3 hours) and closed my eyes and prayed, and It worked miracles.I couldn't believe it, I called my husband to come and check to make sure she was breathing! After that, we would let her cry for about 5-10 minutes then go lay her down with that CD on, she would be out in no time. And now, we don't know if there is a connecting, she prefers female vocalist and music with a very slow tempo.

That's my story, I don't know if it would help everyone, someone or no one, but I thought I would share it because they sound of a crying baby are not as enjoyable as a soothing calm song.