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Posted by Ariel (Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States) on 01/16/2012
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Hi, I have a question about allergy to hair dyes. I had recently dyed my hair from black to light brown with the hair dye by Loreal Preference.

I read all the directions and did everything right. Then after I rinsed the excess dye out, my scalp felt so sensitive and sore. I put the conditioner in my hair and then rinsed it out, but the soreness of my scalp was still there. I felt my scalp and it feels really warm like a slight burning sensation. So I've gently washed my scalp with a gentle shampoo the next day and then rinsed it out. But my scalp still is sore. I don't know what to do. The hair dye that I had used had the ingredient (PPD) in it. I researched this ingredient and it has been linked to symptoms of soreness and tenderness of the scalp when used in hair dye. Obviously I must be having symptoms of the PPD ingridient but I don't know how to stop the soreness. The soreness and tenderness of my scalp is giving me a headache and it's impossible for me to sleep. How do I stop the soreness of my scalp? Please help!!

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