Flax Seed and Flax Seed Oil Remedies

Posted by Ruth (Ionia, Michigan) on 03/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

my name is ruth, I used flax seed to cure my tumors. I would grind them in my coffee grinder. Then I would use about 2tsp a day and sprinkle them over my salad. I found it easier to eat them that way. I also would make flaxseed bread I would use about a 1/2 cup in my loaf of bread . It is very important to grind the flaxseed up to get the benfit of the seeds. Other wise the seeds will just pass right threw you. I did this for about a year and when I went back and had my ultra sound they were gone. I also had a tumor in my breast. I was benine but that also disappeared as well . I never tryed the BSM because I never heard about it working on tumors until now. I end up have a historectomy because my uterus fell. but I still take it so I don't get any tumors in my breast