Essential Oil Remedies

Posted by Denise (US) on 01/03/2019 53 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I was given 3 essential oils for Christmas. They just sat there in my cabinet until lastnight. I am so in love with these oils, but I am first reading a book called The complete book of essential oils, so I know how to use them properly. I mixed a little of my oil (Lavender one) in with coconut oil as a carrier, and massaged my spleen lastnight while watching my Roku. It felt so good I did the sore area of my neck from spasmodic Torticolus, and my hands for arthritic pain. Also remembered to go ahead and do my feet! Oh to have someone living here that could just give me a massage with this stuff! I am sending my sister some to try for her osteo arthritis. I can only hope she will give it a try. I was so enthralled in reading how these natural remedies were used 1000s of years ago. It just makes good sense that folks then had to find ways to help with their issues as well. I am so excited to learn more about the oils, and continue using them. Thank you most to EC because I wouldn't have had a heads up if you hadn't had the info here, where I first started paying attention, Denise