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Essential Oil Candles With Bamboo Wicks
Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta, Ga) on 11/23/2011


I wanted to warn everyone about the perils of soy based, essential oil candles made with bamboo wicks. It the bamboo wicks that are the issue. I know a family here in Atlanta that had bought two expensive candles, burned them for 2 hours in the master bedroom and are still, 6 weeks later, dealing with nightmarish damage from the candles:$20,000 in damages thus far, and they still aren't finished repairing the house. The candles in just 2 hours coated all the ceilings, clothing, carpets and walls, not just in the master bedroom, but also every hallway, bedroom, closet, and bathroom upstairs. Clothes and carpet - all destroyed. Every wall and ceiling had to be restored and repainted. The shelving in every closet also had to be replaced. PLEASE DO NOT BUY CANDLES WITH BAMBOO WICKS!!!