Emu Oil Folk Cures and Homemade Remedies

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Posted by Benoneya (Milton, Florida, United States) on 01/01/2010
5 out of 5 stars

EMU Oil is the greatest thing since sliced white bread.

EMU oil is an anti inflammatory and analgesic.

I use it for painful joints and muscles. It works great and the relief works for anywhere between 4 and 8 hours. It decreases swelling also.

I've sprained an ankle going down stairs and applied emu oil. It cut the pain almost immediately, the rest of what little discomfort I had was easily taken care of with some turmeric capsules. And although it tried the ankle never got really swollen. I applied the emu oil two or three more times in a twenty four hour period, wrapped it up, and by the next day it was only a little tender and I could walk on it. And I had no bruising around the joint.

I've also sprained a knee, and did the same thing.

I had a shoulder injury in a car crash that still sometimes gives me fits, and when it acts up, I apply the emu oil to the shoulder joint and it works wonders.

And OMG the relief from tendonitis! I came down with a case of tendonitis after I moved. I guess it was from hauling all those boxes around. And by golly I pulled out the emu oil and applied it to the area where the tendon attaches and the relief was amazing. I can't believe this stuff works so fast..

This oil works so well by itself, I'm wondering what it will do if I combine some other healing herbs with it.

EMU oil is a water loving oil. And it penetrates all seven layers of skin.

I do not buy creams and lotions any more. All I use is emu oil. It's pure with no chemicals or additives and it only takes a small amount the size of a dime to smooth over the entire face. It does not clog my pores. And it leaves no greasy residue. I will never be out of emu oil. It is an essential for me.

Hemorrhoids, after I had my children I occassionaly get a case of hemerrhoids. This stuff cuts the stinging, burning and itching , and swelling. It works better than anything that I have ever tried. Even prescription stuff.

I could go on and on about all the stuff I use this for, but you get the picture.

Almost any kind of inflammation, swelling, and pain. Heck it works great on burns too. Dry flaky skin, flaky scalp. Diaper rash! Wind burn, chapped lips, dry cracked heels.

It's amazing the uses I've found for it.

I better stop. Or this will be ten miles long.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Joni (Grass Valley, CA) on 04/15/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi - I LOVE this site! Since I've found out Mother Earth is a conscious being I love your name, too. I haven't explored it all yet, but haven't seen mention of emu oil. I don't want to sound like I sell it (just paid $13 for a little bottle...yikes!), but I wanted you to be aware of it and its many applications. Like DMSO, it goes right into the skin, taking everything with it so you want to be clean, etc. I've used it on sore muscles, paper cuts, minor burns, even to brush my teeth. I think it fits right into your site.

BTW, in your excerpts of letters from people trying to sell stuff, but being sneaky about it, the one where "______ is rubbed on your toes and socks put on" is one I read about a few times in our local paper. A syndicated MD's (Dr. Gott) column has had this and I can't really think of any comparable OTC replacement and that's probably why the writer mentioned its name.

Thank you for making this available to all at no cost! (It'll be a cold day in hell when I order a 'free' book for 'only' 18 bucks s&h! lol)