Dangers of Essential Oils

Posted by Boobed (Spain) on 06/29/2017
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An important note to add to the cautions on Lavender: be aware that it can cause gynecomastia in men, ie breast growth - check Wikipedia. They also mention tea tree oil and dong quai as other possible herbal causes.

For info, I'm 66, slim build and have a healthy lifestyle and diet. After moving to a new flat a few months ago we were plagued for several days by small flies, and to avoid possible bites at night, for a week or so I spread a few drops of lavender oil on the back of my neck and up to below my ears before going to bed.

Later I noticed a growing lump beneath each nipple, which had also become quite sensitive, and the subsequent medical checks confirmed it as gynecomastia. At the time I had no idea what had caused this, but looking back over the previous few months, I had made no other changes in diet or medications etc - and when I read the Wikipedia article I was shocked to realise my lavender application was very likely the culprit....

So be warned guys - please be aware of the above link, and if you want to use lavender on your skin directly, I suggest you use it sparingly - if at all.

Now my question is: how can I reverse this L?