Coconut Milk Health Benefits

Restores Normal Menstruation
Posted by Rosavel (Devonport, Tasmania) on 10/31/2010

I would say I will recommend virgin coconut oil to everybody because I am using it and it is proved effective, despite the prize which is very affordable, I am a Filipino w/c reside now in Tasmania, Australia, I started using this when I'm still in the Phil. This started like this, I have my menstruation for almost 4 weeks, and I was thinking maybe this is a sign of menopause, but at that time I was just 42 years, my friends keep on telling me to consult, a doctor, but I didn't, for I am afraid it will need a big amount of money, until one evening I was watching a TV news, when there was somebody who give a testimony about the virgin coconut oil, so I said to myself, let me try this, and you know what, as I take the oil, I notice out that my menstruation goes slowly, and everything in my body changes, I feel active, body odor gone, until now I am still using this miraculous oil, and my menstruation is back to normal, I have it just for 3 to 4 days, Hope this testimonial well help everybody, and they well try this oil.