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Fiberglass Inhalation
Posted by Joanne F. (Westport, Ct, USA) on 12/07/2009

We had new insulation installed in our attic last Friday. My office is right where the pulldown stairs to the attic are located. Before piping in the new insulation, the workers removed all the old insulation by dropping it down into my office and out the window (no windows in our attic). Basically scattered my office with very old fiberglass particles. They vacuumed up before they left, but everything and I mean everything was coated with fiberglass. I wiped down everything with hot water immediately after they left. I didn't think anything of it until today, Monday, 3 days later. This afternoon I had just bought some coconut milk at the grocery store for the first time and drank a big glass of it when I got home. About 5 minutes later, my sinuses starting draining down the back of my throat including something big and "chunky". I ran to the sink and coughed up, sorry to be gross here, a big glob of mucous and something very weird, light orange, that seemed to be different material. Not food. I was very weirded out and thought that a piece of a cancerous tumour had just popped out of my sinus cavity! Then it hit me that maybe this was fiberglass particles that my body was expelling.

If anyone has any knowledge of detoxing from fiberglass inhalation and can offer some suggestions, would be appreciated. I am drinking more coconut milk in the hopes that if I have anything left, it will get coughed up again. Yucky!!!