Coconut Milk Health Benefits

Bladder Infection
Posted by Sherry (Michigan) on 08/17/2016

I drank coconut milk and got a urinary tract infection. I'm not sure if it broke something loose in my urinary and bladder that was stuck to my urinary tract walls or what. However, coconut milk was the only thing I've added new to my food regiment and it happened right away. Not sure if others have experienced this so I thought I'd comment. I now am going to conduct an experiment. I know Buchu cleared up my last urinary tract infection and it didn't take much at all. I'm going to take the Buchu and clear it up. Then I'm going to drink the milk again. I'm going to do this and see if coconut milk is breaking it up or causing it. I never thought that could be the cause or cure but now I'm curious which one it is or if its both. I wish you luck as you learn more about your body. I will be happy to know if this works out for me.