Coconut Milk Health Benefits

Bladder Infection
Posted by Teresa (Belle Vernon, Pa.) on 02/08/2016

I get UTI's from steroids (due to PMR) and last week each time I felt a UTI flaring up I drank a cup of coconut milk and it seemed to disappear in a flash. It works so much better than cranberry juice or cranberry pills. And I have been going through this for weeks, including having to lay down for relief. I had none of that with the coconut milk. :)

Bladder Infection
Posted by Kat (Newark, Nj) on 02/05/2010

Is coconut water healthier than coconut milk?

To answer Terisha's question:

Coconut water is not "the latest craze". Coconut water is the clear juice that comes out of young coconuts. And coconut milk is a thick white fluid pressed from a mixture of a mature coconut's meat (flesh) and water. Both are fat free and have a good source of potassium and other nutrients. The big difference is that the water, obviously, has fewer calories than the milk. But the milk offers less sodium than the water. So it really depends on what your body needs. If you look up coconut water, research shows that drinking it might reduce high cholesterol but because of the high sodium content, it might increase high blood pressure....

From the Caribbean island that my family is from, coconut water is used quite frequently in cleansing the urinary tract and aiding in symptom relief. I have also drank the pure coconut water (along with a cranberry pill) to help with my UTI and in the matter of 2-3 days my UTI was gone!!

Bladder Infection
Posted by London (Sandusky, Ohio) on 12/06/2009


Coconut milk does appear to work for a bladder infection, or UTI.

Ever since I had my daughter 4 years ago, I get chronic bladder infections, I'm prone to them. I get one about every six months. I've tried everything from the over the counter medications to cranberry supplements, syrups, and juices, Uva Ursi(which has worked for me a couple of times), and Apple cider vinegar(which is sometimes effective at getting rid of minor bladder infections in the early stages).

Last year, it went to my kidneys, and I became very ill. I had a full blown kidney infection. At that time I was on the apple cider vinegar trip, ( I was stubborn, my Mom kept telling me to just go to the doctor and get antibiotics, and I didn't listen till the last minute)and that did nothing for my kidney/bladder infection. When I finnaly broke down and went, they put me on STRONG antibiotics I was amazed at how effective they were at curing me, and within a week, my infection was gone, but then I got the worst yeast infection I've ever had in my life, and so I spent another week battling that, LOL!!!

Sometimes you need to break down and get antibiotics.

However...this time, although I did not have a kidney infection, just a bladder infection, and the antibiotics they put me on, weren't as strong, they really weren't working for me and I was getting frustrated, so I decided to try coconut milk.

The day I decided to try the coconut milk thing, I woke up with a nasty cold. I kid you not, within three days of drinking a can of coconut milk a day, the cold was COMPLETELY gone, and the bladder infection much, much better!!!

I've always had techniques to shorten the duration of my colds, like vitamins and teas and stuff, but I've never had a cold just be gone, in three days.

I've been having to deal with this painful bladder infection for 3 weeks now, and now it seems to be gone.

I drank about 5 cans of coconut milk in a three day period. Also, at first I didn't like the taste so I sweetened it with ice and sugar and it tasted awesome. By about the second day I didn't mind the taste so much so I just made sure to chill the can in the fridge before opening it. works!!! I'm amazed.

Bladder Infection
Posted by Annie (London, UK) on 11/07/2007

I had a severe urine infection.I was going to he bathroom every 10 mins But found the cures within hours of drinking coconut milk. It is available from fresh coconuts but also in cans and cartons . A friend of mine's infection spread to the kidneys and had to be referred to hospital as the antibiotics were not helping and she was in severe pain. I recommended her this treatment within 3 days she was cured. She drank a glass of the coconut milk 5/6 times a day. Her tests showed the infection was completely gone and the kidneys were clear and healthy!