The Best Natural Cabbage Cures

Posted by Christine Keitel (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/19/2007

I had a huge hematoma on my left shin from a bad fall last year. My Physiotherapist said it was the largest hematoma he had ever seen and was not responding to treatment as it should. He then suggested to me to go home and buy some big fresh dark green outside leaves of a cabbage, smother my hematoma with Voltaren cover over with the cabbage leaf and then wrap in plastic or glad wrap as we call it here. I did this every night and it shrunk in size amazingly everytime I did it. Only at night when you go to bed though it does not work as well during the day but could try it. I must tell you the doctor who sent me to the physio was absolutely amazed how this worked on my hematoma when traditional methods had failed and also can I say saved me from an operation where I would have probably been left with a rather large dent in my leg!!!