The Best Natural Cabbage Cures

Fungi and Parasites
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 04/28/2009 509 posts
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Here is a recipe for people in need of probiotics & little money. It is said the cabbage juice will purify the G I tract & kill most strains fungi, parasites and other pathogens. Instructions are to drink this juice (1/2 cup juice & finish filling cup with water) 2 to 3 times per day. Since most vegetables are supposed to work, except for tomatoes) you can probably boost its kick with utilizing some of those so called weeds from the yard (dandelion, dock, broad leaf plantain, wild mustard, shepherds purse, wild onions, etc). Drink until your stools float in the toilet bowl and are odor free. The cabbage can be eaten for extra benefit after straining.

Cultured Cabbage Juice

Fill blender with chopped green cabbage. Add distilled water until 2/3 full. Blend on hiigh for 1-2 minutes. Pour out into large bowl and repeat for 2 more batches.

Cover with cheese cloth, gauze or stocking and let stand at room temperature X 3 days. Strain to separate juice & pulp. Place cultured cabbage juice in refrigerator.

When supply gets low start new batch, but add 1/2 cup of cultured juice (Starter) and new batch will be ready in 24 hours.