Natural Brain Foods

Coconut Oil
Posted by Laura (Sunderland, Vermont) on 06/01/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for this wonderful site! I started using ACV and Baking Soda about four months ago. My aches and pains are gone, mood more stable and PMS improved. Sleep and energy are much better.

I added Blackstrap Molasses and noticed my appetite decreased, even more improved PMS, even more enery and my flimsy fingernails are growing!

I then added EVCO. My appetite became even more stable! No snack craving, energy all day long, no more caffeine cravings! EVCO also cleared up my ADHD/Perimenopausal fog-brain. I can focus and think clearly again and my memory is better. (this is truly a miracle, some women with ADHD will get worse symptoms as hormones change. It was almost debilitating and forced me to change jobs!) I stopped taking my Ritalin with no negative effects! Overall menopausal symptoms are much improved. It's the best skin care I've ever used!

I added Oil Pulling a few weeks ago. It's worth trying just for gums and teeth. My teeth are whiter, gums stopped bleeding and nasty stains are fading. It also helps with focus and energy and managing my appetite. I have hope that I will finally be successful at losing weight, which has been a life-long struggle (I have 100 lbs to lose) I'll keep you posted on the weight loss.

Thank you everyone for your testimonials! This site is the best ever!

EC: EVCO = Extra Virgin Coconut Oil