Bitter Melon

Abdominal Pain
Posted by Paul (San Jose CA) on 05/07/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I am not sure that I have peptic ulcer, but I have sharp pain on the left side of stomach, right below the rib. This pain bothered me for more than 5 years now, on and off. I took Nexium when needed. Yesterday the pain was really bothered me so I decided to find out the best remedies to eliminate. Before I went to bed, I thought I could not sleep if the pain keep going on like this, so I checked out this site. There is 1 person posted about the bitter melon that might help stop the pain so I can sleep. I realized my wife prepared the bitter melon to cook early tomorrow morning, right there on the counter top, so I took approximately 20 slices and chewed 2 slices raw at a time without the seeds, chewed slowly and swallowed, and drank a little bit of water afterward. Amazingly, about 10 minutes later, the pain was totally subsided. Thanks god it works and I had a good sleep until the next day, there was no more abdominal pain.