Beet Root Cures and Natural Remedies

Ovarian Cysts
Posted by Wanda (Philippines) on 07/24/2010
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Hi, I've had a single 4.4cm ovarian cyst in my right ovary since 2008. Because of this I had a very difficult time conceiving. Last month, June 2010, I read in this site about the beet, aloe vera juice & molasses tonic and decided to try it out. Before I started to try it, I first went to visit my ob/gyn to get an intravaginal ultrasound. My cyst measurement was 4.4cm by 4.4cm. Then I started drinking the beet-aloe-molasses tonic July 1st 2010. After 2 weeks, I was curious if it was working, so I went for another ultrasound. This time the measurement was 2.5cm by 2.2cm in 2 weeks. I will continue to take the tonic for another 2 weeks and monitor what happens. By the way, this is the measurement of the beet-aloe-molasses tonic I've been preparing which I've read: 1 Tbsp. molasses, 2 tbsp aloe vera juice, 2 thin slices beets (grounded in mortar & pestle. )The tonic is thick to drink, so I add a little hot water to dilute it. Then it is easier to drink. Good luck to other women out there and thank you for the tonic recipe. -Wanda