Beet Root Cures and Natural Remedies

Posted by Jason (San Diego, CA) on 05/23/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Beets cured two bad boils/abscess. (At different times.) One on my left shoulder and the other on my right lower butt. I was very skeptical upon reading this as a cure of boils or an abscess but decided to try anyway. The abscess on my left shoulder was very red, with pus, very sensitive to the touch and about a quarter in size. I bought an organic red beet. I cut a sliver of it then on the side that was to lay on the abscess, cut little lines to help release the beet juice. I secured the beet with a wide band aid which was also secured by white adhesive medical tape. I changed the beet twice a day, in the morning and upon going to bed. It took 2 1/2 days to see a reduction of 65-70%. Another day pretty much eliminated the abscess. I was stunned and amazed. A month or so later I had another abscess/boil on the lower region of my right butt. I tried the above and within three-four days it was pretty much gone. Thankfully, that was the last of any abscess/boils. If they come back I'll know what to do.